How does being forgiven much bring you closer to God? The greater the redemption, the greater the ability to recognize grace. The greater the redemption, the greater ability to recognize what matters most. The greater the redemption, the greater the ability to see God, know God and be closer and recognize God is not in the higher profits, He’s in the love poured out. This is the moment of connection, in God redeeming you, saying you are forgiven, despite what you’ve been through, welcome into my fold. That is not just a concept, that is a felt experience. I hope those who have suffered and those who might be the descendants of a people who were enslaved, discriminated against, isolated, tortured, terrorized, year over year, decade over decade, disenfranchised, and systematically oppressed, not because they didn’t resist, but because slavery and social discrimination is built on tyranny and murder, its built on terrorization that lives in the body. I hope as your redemption continues to emerge you feel, in your body, that terror be released, and in that you feel continually greater closeness to God. To father’s on today, I hope you hear this message, you too are more than a profit system but your love is a sweet perfume to your children.